Strongly Worded
Seriously hacked off ?
STAR letters!

'To the SWL team, everyone has many issues in this stressful world where a strongly worded letter would help vent some rage in the appropriate direction. This site made me laugh so much, as I can so identify with the humour and witty banter, which have totally relieved how irate I was in the first place (my reason for contacting the site). So I genuinely thank you, brilliant site. I would like to see some humourous examples of other site users letters, which poke fun at the endless insanity of beaurocratic systems, where we can no longer speak to another human being.... Instead we are reduced to complaining via a faceless apology for company defferance of any responsibility, customer services . Thank you' ! 

Our reposnse. - WOW ! Actual humans emailing us after 4 months running the site. Someone who can see the 'bigger picture' as to why we launched the site in the 1st place. Did anyone die? The service (you are complaining about was £2.95) is it really going to ruin your life? Are you just upsetting yourself and this 'Rage' is 'Misdirected' due to other issues?

Thanks for the postive words and reaching out though. Biggest problem SWL are having at the moment is everything overall is really good. Trouble is this frame of mind doesn't help when we need to be writing Strongly Worded Letters...

Note to self: 'Save the rage for situations that really require it. As the old red indians would say; 'Don't sweat the small stuff' second part of the saying is 'Everything is usually small stuff'.

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