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Don't GO!!
9/18/2014 7:01:57 PM
Scotland? Are you about to fuck a perfectly good friendship and wreck your future? Vote decision in 12 hours!
London - Finance and Leasing Association gig.
2/23/2014 3:08:48 PM

Off to London next week to meet with the UK's largest lenders and see how UK lending is helping the UK get back on track.

Site views
1/27/2014 2:01:37 PM
6995 views at approx 14.00 on the 28th January 2014. Imagine how many I could get if I applied myself and this wasn't a play thing.
2014 - Up Up and Away!
12/16/2013 9:16:01 PM
Site is now on close down till early 2014. Think next years gonna be a real positive one.
9/22/2013 6:23:44 PM
Pleased with this. Bought domain, got web builder and in about 4 hours I have the site up live with links, blog and content. Not a bad Sunday Afternoon. - JP
9/22/2013 5:53:29 PM
Text of post2.
9/22/2013 5:53:29 PM
Text of post1.
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