Strongly Worded
Seriously hacked off ?

2017, now this year is done... (almost)...

I must admit, I am sickened by the world we now find ourselves in. Social media has massively highlighted incorrect statements made by mainstream media and the agendas being imposed to discuss to the masses. Religion being utilised for hate has grown and this area or philosophy to promote gives the gravest concerns. I cannot believe any God of any religion would wish to cause harm to innocent decent people? Maybe I'm wrong but I'll stick with my 'Jedi Logic' regarding religious battles... We ALL know the difference between right and wrong.

IF YOUR religion is to oppress people, cause barriers, cause conflict, prevents working together, blames everyone else etc. Maybe start treating people how you wish to be treated? Maybe judge their character on their actions and good efforts before offering any judgement?

If this common sense approach doesn't 'suit' your religion...

Get another religion.

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