Strongly Worded
Seriously hacked off ?
The idea came about through a great night of laughter and giggles at a friends house. With us all recently joining the 40plus age range we have all found ourselves coming out with old people statements of late. 'What's the world coming to'? 'It's not what it used to be'? you will get the idea.

However every now and again you end up getting ripped off, cheated or just given really poor service; usually one you have paid for. Complain about it. Someone will look into it, no brand likes to receive heated complaints. The sign of a good company is usually how they handle the ones they do get. Most customers can be turned around. I have even been suprised when I've sent a letter how quick they just resolve the issue raised.

Anyone can just shout, bawl or use swear words in an email or to a call centre agent. Effective complaining has to be addressed in the correct manner for the best result. If you have gone from mildy miffed to slightly annoyed to bloody fuming maybe it's time to sit yourself down and write a strongly worded letter.

Plan B - Serial Complainer and question asker.

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