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BANK OF SCOTLAND - 'The bank that likes to say NO'....
(to customers paying money into their OWN ACCOUNTS!!) 

Disgruntled customer gets in touch after 'new' policy that makes things stupidly difficult for customers to pay change into current accounts.

I got in touch with the SWL team as I was stunned by the attitude and it was 'my fault' I hadn't kept up to date with their new policy. I only had £673 and over £350 of this was in five pound notes. The new policy is... You can only take in and pay in 10 bags of change a day. I did try and offer 'how difficult' this would be for me... the customer. You would have thought the fact I spent approx 3 hours counting, bagging and tallying it all before taking in is as much as would be expected. I could understand a refusal if I had just dumped it on the counter unchecked or counted prior.

I asked if I could complain and after 10 minutes to get me the complaints line number I left. 30 odd minutes of half on hold, half spent trying to explain 'how difficult' this new policy is... to me... a customer the bank are now going to wrtie to me to explain they don't feel I have any point.

SWL Response - Gave us all a laugh in the office. On the face of it, being rejected for aiming to pay 'cash' into your own account just sounds like rubbish logic from the Head Office team. Where else are consumers supposed to take cash if they are being prevented from paying into accounts? 

I have wrote to the CEO of Lloyds Banking Group (Bank of Scotland - Part of Lloyds Banking Group PLC) today as all, as a customer, I have experienced of late is branch closures, staff cut backs, lesser and poorer customer service and services is now the norm. Sick of the apologies, start looking after customers... or someone else will.

SWL Response - It appears another case of 'big business', someone at Head Office's 'bullshit logic' as our client called it to again use time management and salami slicing of businesses down to save a buck has become more the norm than looking after your client base. He also quite rightly pointed out that 'why' do banks have 4 or 5 staff floating about doing nothing but saying hello? I want to do my banking quickly and efficiently not become pals and have pasta. Surely staff dealing with cash 'coming in' shouldn't be such a tedious task for the consumer? - He's certainly got a valid point.

We will keep you posted on this one. Guy's got a point; where else are you supposed to take money if you cannot take it to the branch or there are special conditions. We will see what the CEO's or one of his team come back with...


New Year... Same Old BS

Business Stream, still not treating customers fairly, still making up their own charging structure and charges. Same fight, different year, the fight against this questionable company and their practises goes on...


'THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE 'EVER DEALT WITH' in over 25 years of business...

Business Stream, Edinburgh. (co.# SC294924) - Accused of using 'Bully Boy' tactics on small Scottish Businesses, generating incorrect water fees and using debt companies and lawyers to enforce payments and intimidate small Scottish companies into paying fees they probably are not due...

SWL response;

WOW!! What we have seen today as documented evidence, incorrect invoicing, made up charges and 'how' this organisation is functioning needs a 'good look at'. This ended up taking all our teams attention discussing for the afternoon... 'Exactly' how many small businesses in Scotland have been over charged for water rates fees?  We also have grave concerns about causing small businesses extra costs due to the 'over zealous' approach of Business Stream to farm out active accounts to debt companies and this request for help has left the office quite stunned...

If the practices (from what we have investigated) are not criminal in the business sector they should be. SWL will be working with all to expose the practices of this company.

To highlight the 'why' we would take this case on and give it media attention...

Our client has been presented an invoice for £185.60 for disconnection of their water supply...  They have NO WATER supplied to the business premises, not even a tap...

Clearly explains our involvement; BS are generating 'false invoices' to generate funds is our take on the evidence we have seen.

If the situation and business practices that have been highlighted to us were not so severe, underhanded and 'we suspect' illegal this would and could be considered...

'Scotland's WaterGate'...

That's the title we will be pushing toward press, MSPs, Scottish Parliment, Trading Standards and all regulatory bodies regarding this companies practises... All of which have been contacted today through help top our client and his actions thereafter.


Good on our contact - The national press have asked for further details...
                                    - Our contact has written to Douglas Millican, CEO of Scottish Water again
                                    (Probs to get an email back from his PA like last time).
                                    - Our contact got a letter from the CEO of Business Stream...
                                     (Delivered by her PA...)
                                    - BBC's Watchdog program now contacted...

We have to say massively impressed with our contacts efforts in a little over 4 days. Some 'Strongly Worded Letters' write themselves. Suspect this is going to be interesting one and SWL will keep you posted as and when our client does.

The plot thickens...


Nuffield Heath, Milngavie - Higher membership fees, lower customer service and broken equipement for the increased charges? We have put these to the group to ask 'how can you justify this'?


Complimenary vouchers and an apology. Well done Branch manager.



Too many are still out there...
We look at products to protect your valuables and be a bit more 'savvy' so that theives don't target YOU NEXT....

A question and answer session with Kevin Howells, Managing Director, Datatag ID Ltd. (One of the UKs most trusted and realiable brands regarding security marking of expensive stuff).


Hey Mr Woods...

Nice to hear again from one of the bunch around when SWL was formed. Is he still as angry???


Is Anna Poots really an Analyst?

For the short time the SWL team have known this young lady it appears 'Analyst' these days is a broad brush stroke to mask what said 'Analysts' really do...

We will be investigating Ms Poots travels...

'Analyst My Arse' was SWLs Chief Editors take... We shall see... The plot thickens...


2017 is going to be the year...

Humans realise...  'it's up to us' to mess things up for ourselves on a global warming level...

The clock is ticking...

(Says man from Dudley in the Midlands.)


January 2016

Con Merchants

Traffic TV and Orange are rip off merchants - Check your bills!

After being contacted recently we have discovered that Orange and Traffic TV (MXDATA Limited) are conning customers by automatically charging for services which you haven't requested. On investigation of such a case it was highlighted that Orange and MXDATA Limited who own and operate TRAFFIC TV did a deal whereas users were given an app that was free initially but unless you opted out they would then bill monthly at a charge of £3.33 per month + VAT. On discussion with a victim of this it has been discovered that he has been charged for this 'unknown app' since 2008.

Having contacted both parties it is apparant they have little to no acceptance that they are autosubscribing customers to a service and charging for such. They are also not prepared to issue refunds on highlighting the complaint.

Several other clients have been victims of this arrangement between both parties and on a quick search of the internet it is quite evident that this issue has affected many customers on the Orange platform.

It is apparent that both companies do not accept the logic that consumers 'need to agree' to pay for services not have them automatically added and billed as this is obviously immoral practise and will be raised with Ofcom and other regulatory bodies until full remimbursement of charges is honoured by either the network provider or MXDATA LIMITED themselves.

Please contact us if you have been affected by this underhand and immoral business practise between both parties.

June 15

SWL team back after long period of absense. Something getting you mad? Get in touch.

December 2014
Happy Christmas everyone. Have fun.

November 2014
Nearly Wednesday and no air grabs yet this week? - Maybe you have depression?
SWL team offer this track to counter the blues on a Tuesday.

Why are women sooooooooo much better (than men) at wrapping presents and decorating Christmas Trees? - SWL team highlighting the questions YOU ask.
(**Update**) - Soooooomany women have been in touch to support this post. Apparently there is soooooooooo much more that women are better than men at?? (We shall see when we can get in the SWL offices front door by pushing back all the mail recieved over this hot topic!)
Donnie Osman's new album - 'The Story of My Life' is fantastic. SWL team loving the tunes. 'Well Done Donnie!! You've still got it generations on' hails man from Chorley.
Cadbury UK made aware of petition over coins. The headache for the chocolate giant continues....
(**Update:**) -  Cadbury UK Social Media none existant since news of the petition. The petition has had a surge of support with 27 votes 10 days in!! :/
Air Grabs! - SWL Boss starts new trend.... See how many times you can get an air grab in in a week? The double air grab is the target although serious power ballad 80's stuff is required.

Fireworks night goes off with a bang.

And so it begins..... SWL Team take on Cadbury over chocolate coins decision. 'We have already had correspondence with Cadbury over this horrific decision' SWL's boss commented. 'Thus far Cadbury's reasons and rationale hasn't really given credible answers to ruining a British tradition.' He went on.

As of today (1st Nov) SWL have started an e-campaign to continue to apply pressure on the owners.




October 2014
*** Breaking News!!***
OMG!!! - Cadbury's announce they will no longer make chocolate coins at Christmas!!!
SWL team inundated with mail and requests to sort it out and reverse this horrific decision. - By request we will be demanding answers from the owners. 'Christmas may just as well be cancelled then.' (says man from Luton.)
SWL now on front page of Google when you look for us. (#3 within 13 months) - Thank YOU People. YOU give us the ideas to get miffed or cross about. :-)

Is Autumn all it's cracked up to be?

106,000 VIEWS in 12 months for £44. Thanks guys! - SWL 2015 pledge. - 'We'll turn that frown upside down with what ever problem we are offered or complaint that needs addressing.
FRAUD - IS really going on in the UK. 'Upward trend' says man.

SWL boss instructed to leave office for mentioning Christmas shopping in October. (SWL boss has final approval on site content so as of 2nd October 2014 at 8.30pm it is - 83 DAYS, 3 HOURS, 30 MINUTES AND NIL SECONDS till Christmas. Yo ho ho. ;-) )
SWL Boss accused of aiming to be a 'Smug Bas'tard' fo two months of the year for getting all chrimbo pressies sorted before October end.
Life is FANTASTIC !! - Says man, who we know. 'Simple Principles' make solid foundation' he went on.
Quote of the Month;

'You know me, life doesn't get me down; I brighten it the fuck up & make it look good! ;-) (JP)
How can Tesco 'lose' £250 Million? SWL team contemplate having this amount of money to lose in the first place?


Sept 2014 - Back to School.
Don't Go Scotland! - Final shout out to not fuck things up and divide the UK.
X FACTOR Auditions!!! - Another year of hopeful rejects you won't buy the album for if ever they are given the chance?
X Factor update!! - The start of X Factor indicates the start of the run in till Christmas as they probably try and peddle another crap track highlighting 'How crap life is unless you are strong'. ;-)
It's 11.34PM on the 1oth September 2014 and SWL editor has just offered 'it's 105 days, 0 hours, 26mins and 5 seconds tilll CHRISTMAS!!' Please feel free to complain in the strongest of fashions or offer ''will you 'f-off' with chrimbo chat in the first of September half of the month to our boss. Requested complaints to usual email address.


Aug 2014

We maybe back but 'overwhelming' demands in 'the wheels are coming of the system is the main gripe.

If it helps the 95k strong SWL audience. Sometimes SWL go quiet for a reason.....


Jul 2014

We're back!  
'Everything's just shite, I reckon the wheels have come off the system'! - Says man from Walsall.
Tune of the Day; (quite apt)
RAGE - Still happening wherever you look? Be careful where you look SWL team advises.
More Photo Funny Stuff. - OK we will try. (Turn that frown upside down shit).


Jun 2014

No Updates - too busy
May 2014

No Updates - too busy.

Apr 2014

No Updates - too busy.

Mar 2014
Are Airports and Flights the best place to meet new chicks? One man is convinced.
Vehicle Crime - A MASSIVE problem for car owners experts are saying. If you don't own a vehicle you are less likely to become a victim they went onto say.
It's Here! Is spring? - Sun's Oot!
Song of the week;
Elvis Costello at his very best.

SWL Phenomenon continues....  23,000+ views. (The fact we had to look up how to spell 'phenomenon' means we are working at taking our stuff seriously).

Feb 2014
By request; Top R and B, Ragga and happy tunes selected for DM MASSIVE crew member; Rachael -  'Naughty Treacle #1'.  After visit to HQ sporting new head gear this collection is aptly named the 'Bobble Hat' mix 2014.- 20 of the best.
Hope you like? Part 2 if you do. :-)

Sundays - Best day of the week, period.
'The Electric Frog' - Best provider of house mixes in February. Harri and Sneak clinched it.

Please Don't Go Scotland !- SWL 'Pro' staying together.
OMG!-Katie's reaction to her chat being on the web (it's good chat). We just wanted to do this selfless gesture for one of the DM crew just because we think she's a star! Why do we do such stuff?

NO RAIN! - SWL  team ALL in good moods. You in a bad mood? Boo Hoo! We feel for you lady or fella. Let our good mood turn your frown upside down. :-) Try listening to the carefully selected 'happy' tracks below. If you are still in a mood or didn't even crack a smile at the musical greats we have prepared for your enjoyment email us.
Email us your 'happy' tracks. If there's a story behind it we'd like to hear it. We will publish the best we get. - SWL team.

Seriously Hacked Off? Is Thrash Metal tunes the way to zen?

New School beats
Old School classics

Cup half empty? 'The arse has fallen out the bottom of mine' man rants! SWL approached to format a formal complaint to the 'Big Man' (God) to explain hardship during crap weather.
Weather is still crap 17 days on from previous post. Signs of Global Warming in effect?
Too Many Meetings, not enough time. - SWL investigates the amount of meetings large companies arrange which lead to no outcomes. Are meetings the norm to avoid working? It would appear so.
12,000 views! - Best Valantines bouquet SWL could wish for. Thanks Guys! Keep the faith, life's good if you let it be. (good words for a song or two)? rise to page 6 of Google organic links. 

American sites are still ahead but we suspect they are not going to challenge us over 'who's language it is'? (Queens English) and furthermore the UK was quilling Strongly Worded Letters before the good ole USA had even started scribbling their 300 year history.  Again SWL team fend off multi million pound offers to take over site and business. Although offers of Sun Seeker luxury boats was massively tempting.

VEHICLE CRIME - ON THE UP - SWL covert team involved in several cases of late.
When Will I be Famous? - SWL boss asks (after listening to song).

TOO BUSY ! - We will not be taking on extra staff or offering overtime to our team in the anticipation that you all 'love us' on Valentines day. Personally I have a better face for radio (SWL - boss) so the 'lack of interest' or cards is the normal for us 'plug' ugly guys. If we get 'one card' it's 'a big deal' he went on. When it states 'Dear Son' is an indicator your chat with the ladies is/ or never has worked with the ladies. has a good ring to it but SWL are too busy to take this on as well....
GET THIS! - Heating controlled via app for less than £200. - SWL team boss gets unit installed to 'road test' such great ideas.... Initial reports indicate 'boss is still 'toasty' on our barometer scale. :-)
The world is certainly still spinning. Quick update, things are busy!

Breaking News: BIG BROTHER (DAD) IS WATCHING! -  Forget your Channel 5 pish and all the semi celebrity... who? programs. SWL operations have been instructed to go undercover or 'covert' as intel has lead us to believe that one of the top influencers on this planet (DAD) is keeping a watchful eye on the site. 

Discussions have been cancelled regarding the THEN & NOW approach to who is watching who and for what reasons? In the old days you had to be careful of UNCLE in the TV sense. Look how well that approach has turned out with Operation Yew Tree, Jimmy and co. :-/

SWL team are 'going dark' for the next while to consider our options....

SWL WAS NEVER set up to be some 'Jive Monkey' for corporate gain. Verbal promises of +£50m and ownership of certain 'Carribean islands' to buy the controlling shares of OUR site have not swayed us.  

SWL Team determine no amount of £Millions offered will make us sell up. This site was never about the money or corporate control restricting us from helping the common man. It has always been based on turning that frown upside down first and foremost. Secondly to aid consumers with smarter ways to complain than 'I AM GOING TO KILL YOU' (over a fiver transaction) which SWL team have managed to resolve in five minutes today for the number 1 consumer vehicle checking site in the UK today.

Whoever said February would be quiet was wrong ! (Did anyone actually say it would be quiet)?

For the rest of FEBRUARY? - SWL team are going 'Chuck Norris' -
' We don't sleep, we lie in wait'.

Weather's still crap, that is all.
'How to grow the best Watercress'? - Someone guestbooked us 'how' apparently. SWL weren't going to investigate but when someone posts 'BEST' our first reaction is.. 'hang on a sec'?

Seahawks win Superbowl? - Hands up if you give a fuck?

Vehicle crime globally. Manufacturers have collectively decided to make 'shiter looking vehicles' the kind you wouldn't want to be seen 'dead in' let alone steal. Initial reports indicate manufacturers are prepared to see their sales fall off a cliff. No decisions have been made.

'On the road again' - SWL member infected with the 'Willie Nelson's'. Song keeps popping up dead random like? Is it a sign from above or just the Willies?  

I DARE anyone of your other readers to listen to the track. (He went on) We lost interest but did promise we'd post the You Tube link to the song so you can judge for yourself.

Mortality - An issue that effects us all. - Songs for the funeral  (our top 10 suggestions);

Now the wake is over..... 'Let's get this party started!

Your gone, don't let your mates down with a grim few drinks? It's how we 'used to' large it up that I want to recall and why we were friends......

Email us if you have further recommendations for the list. There maybe a full DJ set in this to cheer up any wake.


Jan 2014
"I DON'T Like Mondays! - Sir Bob Geldof's views not changed since the 1979 #1 hit.(says man).
Too much rage in the workplace? - Do you suffer cos it's basically shite? - The SWL team want to know about it.
7003 views, in 4 months (28.1.2014)- The SWL team get some fan mail.  Random emails to the guest book in the last week or so...... We email back and emails bouce back? SWL team discuss 'Conspiracy' tactics of spam emailers. (who send a 100% positive email spam)? The plot thickens.
SWL team alerted to the fact someone keeps trying to advertise some Ralph Lauren Outlet online via our site. They do not have our permission for this, therefore SWL will not be mentioning or bring up Ralph Lauren anymore unless the lable wants to discuss providing us some free SWL branded clothing options? I've always been a sucker for good quality freebie stuff. So unless Ralph Lauren, one of the company's directors contacts us or we get a call to promote their brand further through giving us some cool gear we will not be mentioning Ralph Lauren, the brand or how good some of their gear is unless Ralph Lauren gets in touch. Enough about Ralph Lauren and their outlet stores online.
Red Squirrels. - Numbers still on the decrease. One Red Squirrel NOT happy about it. (See pictures).
Sensible Advice? We think you will agree. - 'They say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Except bears. Bears will kill you.  - Which ever way we look at it we can't argue this one. This is the best bit of advice we have been provided to date in 2014. Send us your 'life lessons' or pieces of sound advice? We know the one about not eating yellow snow by the way.

Frustration - 'It's very frustrating'! - Says man with issues.
Who rates Justin Beiber more now he's got caught for drunk driving and refusing to cooperate with police? Nice touch Beiber driving round in a yellow Lamborghini is hardly 'covert' when you're pissed dickhead. 
Top 1% of headshots in Call of Duty - Ghosts. - They emailed us. - complain to the top guy.

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